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Under the umbrella of the ‘Hello Garden’ range of Griffioen Wassenaar BV, the new ‘100% Natuur’ (100% Nature) line has been added. This is an eye-catching concept to strongly describe and visualize the message ‘plant and pot together. ‘100% Natuur’ will be presented as a pilot in four garden centres in the Netherlands in the coming weeks.

The elaboration for ‘100% Natuur’ with initially only ‘Wild & Inheems’ (Wild & Indigenous) plants, is concise and clear in image and message. The collection can be recognized by the fully compostable round pot that comes in two variants. Both pots break down in two to three months in our relatively cold soil. As the pot is planted in the ground together with the plant, this entire product is both environmentally friendly and user-friendly. Consumers enjoy a piece of Dutch nature, have no plastic waste to dispose of, and therefore buys a sustainable product. The hanging tags on bamboo sticks are also made of certified FSC cardboard with a PLA bio-based coating and are 100% recyclable. An existing and standard blade has been chosen so that we can produce the labels easily, in combination, and quickly.

The potted plants will be attractively presented on tables, complemented by the corresponding POS materials. The message and presentation are reinforced and made complete thanks to the table banners and prize wheels in the strong colors of orange and dark blue. If you want to read more about Griffioen and the ‘100% Natuur’ (100% Nature) line, please click on the following link

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