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Luxury Nature

December 2020

Our final style theme for 2020 is called ‘Luxury Nature’.

‘Luxury Nature’ represents elegance, class, and love for our profession. We have put together a personal collection of the beautiful products and ideas that we came across in the past year. A natural and luxurious enrichment for living rooms and gardens that remain connected to their surroundings. Large, full leaves and flowers with deep and warm colours as well as structures. Rich expressions of texture, such as corduroy lining, velvet materials with a blend of brass, coloured glass, and shades of green. This enrichment combines green and gold to create a beautiful and stylish whole.

Let our winter theme inspire you!


Delicate Nature

September 2020

The style theme ‘Delicate Nature’ is about perceiving fragility and is characterized by diversity and taking things slowly. Take a step back and focus on ourselves and our environment. Make a positive contribution to climate change and a sustainable lifestyle. Focus on nature and appreciate flowers and plants.

The materials in this theme are subordinate to the use of colour and free forms. The colour palette radiates ‘soft energy’, with vibrant pastel colours and familiar and innovative neutral colours – it’s colourful without being garish. The design and packaging ideas feature subtle patterns and textures. This style theme combines reverence and appreciation with botanical greenery. It’s all about caring for yourself and reconnecting with nature, with a focus on upcycling, craftsmanship, and sustainability. Be inspired by our autumn theme ‘Delicate Nature’!


Outspoken Nature

April 2020

Our first style theme for 2020 is called ‘Outspoken Nature’. Nature is defying the coronavirus crisis and all the uncertainty that it brings with it. It blooms and follows the seasons, which showcase all their brightest, freshest colours and purest forms.

The colours are bold and bright with an eye-catching dash of neon. The design and packaging ideas feature unique, striking patterns and textures – the unconventional shapes that form the basis of this theme. This style theme combines expression and uniqueness with botanical greenery. A little inspiration can offer some welcome distraction. Let our spring theme inspire you!


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