From idea to packaging | 2024

Every year we make our own four inspiration overviews. Within the different style trends with colour combinations, patterns, and illustrations, we shape packaging, labels and SmartCups®. These are photographed by Visions Pictures, our creative studio for photography and film. Our packaging and labels are the perfect addition to add value and style to green products.

The four themes of our inspiration boards for 2024 are:

Find peace in Sharp Serenity, be surprised by the vibrant energy of Colorful Clash, discover the mystical appeal of Mystic Greenery and embrace life with Viva la Vida.

Sharp Serenity

A refined and harmonious fusion of contrasts characterizes this stylish design. Sharp lines find their balance with soft textures, while deep tones blend harmoniously with bright hues. Raw images meet graceful forms, while bold sans-serif typography stands alongside subtle classical letters. The result is a balanced, soothing, and elegant design, where each element has been carefully chosen to create an atmosphere of timeless beauty.

Colorful Clash

In this striking style, the eye is drawn to an abundance of colorful and joyful forms, accompanied by letters that seem to dance with delight. With a keen sense of liveliness and playfulness, this design radiates an unmistakable positive energy, like a vibrant explosion of colors that refreshes the mind, akin to an abstract flower meadow in full bloom.

Mystic Greenery

This design, inspired by lush and untamed landscapes, embodies an atmosphere of romance and mystery. Deep green tones and rugged brown hues evoke the breathtaking beauty of pristine nature, which gracefully charts its own course. The subtle application of typography and refined lines harmoniously combines with wild, natural textures and patterns. The result is a fusion of raw and sophisticated elements, beautifully capturing the essence of mystery and the beauty of nature.

Viva la Vida

“Viva La Vida” draws its inspiration from the enchanting colorful Spanish tiles. With vibrant colors and intricate patterns, it brings to life the vivacity and joy of Spanish living. It evokes a sense of vitality and passion, a celebration of life in all its beautiful colors. “¡Viva la vida! ¡Más colores alegres!”

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