How EOS can benefit you;

  • Complete control and management over all elements of your labels
  • Save on time and save money on excessive email communication
  • User-friendly – easy to process and update information
  • Access to Visions online image database with more than 350,000 images
  • Convenient – available 24/7

The botanical sector is constantly in motion, which gives rise to the need for new labels and packaging. Keeping track of these changes can lead to excessive use of email or phone to communicate descriptions of the designs and images. To prevent this, we have created a tailored service and a simple workflow for our customers to get the right documents to the printing press. EOS, the Elburg Online System, is an efficient online tool for creating and managing your labels and consumer packaging.

More benefits of EOS;

  • Stable software environment which does not require knowledge of page layouts
  • Changes can still be made right up to the deadline
  • Several users with different roles can be created under a single customer

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