Making green products greener

Improving the sustainability of the ornamentals sector is important; green products need green materials that are sustainably produced. Together with our suppliers, we are constantly innovating to be able to deliver responsible products to our customers.
As a supplier to the botanicals sector, we feel a strong commitment to the environment, and environmental measures form a serious part of our daily business operations. We are your partner for sustainable labels and packaging.

Sustainable thinking

We have been a leading and specialized producer of botanical products for more than 80 years. Through our services and products, we contribute to the turnover of our Dutch and international customers. We have a positive working environment, which forms the basis for the tailored advice and products we offer, thus providing all the necessary communication and encouraging the consumer to make purchases.

Our unique company structure is geared towards continuity and staff participation. We offer our employees a healthy work environment based on mutual respect and trust and opportunities to pursue personal growth and development. We are certain that a stable workforce and a positive work climate are the building blocks of a long-lasting relationship with our customers.

What does our target group think about sustainability?

Questions and answers about making green products greener in our first edition of ‘Green Magazine’.

Sustainable production

We select and manage the raw materials for our products based on sustainability criteria and recycle industrial waste where possible. These and other aspects relating to improving the sustainability of our business process are encompassed in our sustainability objectives. Thanks to our quality management system (ISO 9001. 2015) we are also FSC®C007957– and PEFC certified. All our cardboard types are produced from sustainably managed forests. Our complete material range with application in one overview can be seen here.

In addition to being certified to ISO 9001-2015 for quality management, we are certified to the ISO 14001-2015 environmental standard. These certifications demonstrate that we not only have a good integral quality management system for its processes but that we also focus on a sustainable living and working environment.

Sustainable cooperation

As a chain partner in the botanicals sector, we are always looking for ways to strengthen the collaboration with our customer base in the long term. In doing so, we put our customers’ needs first, brainstorm with our customers, provide up-to-date information, and deliver high-quality and sustainable products. In our vision, improving the sustainability of the chain is a joint responsibility. Elburg-Smit is committed to producing your labels or packaging as carbon neutral as possible using recycled, bio-based materials or FSC® or PEFC cardboard.

For more information about our vision of sustainable entrepreneurship or our other products and services, please contact one of our account managers. Click here for their contact details.


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