We commit to sustainability, at every step in the process.

Our Four Ps of Sustainable Business


We believe in the power of our employees. We offer training that enhances both their technical skills and their awareness of sustainability.


Our products are used in more than 29 countries worldwide. We strive for sustainable growth that creates prosperity for both our local community and our international partners.


We are committed to preserving our planet by using sustainable materials. All our cardboard types are produced from sustainably managed forests, and we are proud of our FSC®C007957 and PEFC certifications that confirm our commitment to sustainable forest management. View our full material overview here.

We minimize our CO2 emissions through innovative technologies such as heat pumps and solar energy. In addition to our quality management ISO 9001:2015, we are also certified for environmental management ISO 14001:2015. These certifications underline our integrated approach to quality management and our focus on a sustainable living and working environment.


At Elburg-Smit, we value the power of collaboration. We strengthen our relationships by proactively working together with our customers on their sustainability goals. We believe in long-term partnerships where we develop and implement innovative solutions together.

Our steps in sustainability

  • AgriCard:
    One of our most recent innovations is AgriCard, a material made from agricultural waste. This material is not only recyclable but also fully compostable. AgriCard helps us reduce waste and supports the circular economy. Learn more about AgriCard.
  • Sustainable Technologies:
    Our modern printing processes are designed to optimize both efficiency and quality while minimizing our environmental impact. For example, our new printing presses reduce material and energy consumption.
  • Trees for All:
    We support reforestation projects through a partnership with Trees for All, an organization dedicated to planting trees both locally and internationally. This partnership enables us to actively offset the CO2 emissions resulting from our production processes. Through this collaboration, we contribute to creating new forests and restoring existing ones, which not only promotes biodiversity but also helps combat climate change.
  • ClimateCalc:
    Elburg-Smit uses ClimateCalc, a certified European software system, to calculate the CO2 emissions per order and for the company as a whole. This system helps us accurately measure and manage our ecological footprint. Through ClimateCalc, we can monitor our sustainability goals. We also offer this to our customers, allowing us to calculate the CO2 emissions for specific orders and suggest ways to offset them, thereby supporting our customers in achieving their own sustainability objectives.

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Discover the concrete steps we have taken and the goals we have achieved in the past fiscal year. In our new sustainability report, we also discuss our plans for the coming year and explain how our sustainable practices can benefit your product.


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