From idea to packaging | 2021

2021 is all about the letter ‘C’. C for Corona, for Circular Thinking, and for Compassion, Conscious, Clash, and Cultural – the four themes of our inspiration boards for this year. Be enticed and inspired by Compassion.


December 2021

Compassion is now more important than ever. That’s why a warm and personal look and feel offers clear added value for both your brand and your product. This trend is at the heart of our fourth and final style trend of 2021: ‘Compassion’. Our focus extends from organic curves to human-like wrinkles and encompasses plants with leaves and petals in warm shades of pink, orange, and brown. There are very few designs – and if they are used, they are natural prints such as honeycomb patterns and cellular structures.


September 2021

All over the world, we are on the move. A changing society requires a changing floriculture industry. It starts with ourselves; our thinking and our actions. What do you need to be inspired and to take practical steps? Consumers expect honesty. The story behind your green product is becoming even more important!


June 2021

Organic, irregular shapes and structures with a natural colour palette take centre stage. Blue-green tones make way for yellow-green tones, such as olive green, moss green, and lime green. Industrial blue and stone red give this colour chart a bold character. Sustainable materials and new developments in recycled materials keep sustainability and environmental awareness top-of-mind.


April 2021

Alternative art and ethnic forms in graphic designs are strikingly present. Freestyle illustrations combined with chaotic lines and colour planes give the design an artful look that is sure to impress.

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