From idea to packaging | 2023

Every year we make our own four inspiration overviews. Within the different style trends with colour combinations, patterns, and illustrations, we shape packaging, labels and SmartCups®. These are photographed by Visions Pictures, our creative studio for photography and film. Our packaging and labels are the perfect addition to add value and style to green products.

The four theme names of our inspiration boards for 2023 are:

Making Memories; collecting the moments – Vintage Vogue; multicolour chic – Diorama; Layered – Nature Allure; textures of the forest. A mix of styles ranging from colourful multicolours to a natural colour palette, and from graphic to organic.

Making memories, collecting the moments

Vintage vogue, multicolour chic

Diorama, layered

Nature Allure, textures of the forest

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