Standing Out From The Crowd, with SmartWrap® or Potcover!

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Is your product not eye-catching enough at the point of presentation or purchase, perhaps challenging to transport or handle? For all these challenges, a SmartWrap® or Potcover is a great solution.

The SmartWrap® is a sealed version of the well-known potcover. Smartwraps® are available in many pot sizes and are delivered pre-assembled. Potcovers have a slot closure and can be delivered flat or preassembled in all pot sizes according to your choice. Both the Wrap and the cover are also available with a raised back panel, and the printing possibilities are unlimited.

Regardless of your choice, it is designed to provide your product with the right information while offering ample space for an attractive presentation. For example, we can showcase your product in full bloom or growth. For heavier pots, there is the option of an easy-to-carry handle. Smartwraps® and potcovers also offer good protection for plants or hands (cactus).

Through our Canadian partner Qualitree, we have designed and produced three striking Hydrangea potcovers for the customer Creek Side. By using eye-catching shapes and vibrant colours with clear typography on a black background, they attract a lot of attention from consumers. The chosen material is environmentally friendly, water-repellent, and recyclable.

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