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Since 2014, we have embarked on the road to sustainability. Our green business philosophy is no longer an aspiration but is embedded in our DNA. Think green, be green – is no longer just an aspiration, this philosophy is in our DNA. That is why we choose social entrepreneurship with the important values of people, planet, and prosperity. By harmoniously combining these three factors, we can unlock the key to sustainability: corporate social responsibility with long-term benefits for both the company and society. Sustainability is not just a fleeting trend; it’s the future.

Our latest sustainability innovation and CO2 reduction plan is the CO2 calculation per label produced with the option of a complete offset. Elburg-Smit is supported in this by ClimateCalc. Like them, we believe that we must move towards a future in which CO2 is minimized and we can move to neutralize our footprint.

Calculating the CO2 emissions of our company and of a specific product is simple and offers a differentiating factor to both us and our customers that can be used to clearly communicate sustainability. ClimateCalc is a European system, specifically developed for the sector and is a tool to calculate the CO2 emissions of both our graphics design company and of an individual printing order. This means that we ourselves are able to produce a carbon footprint report for the entire company, for our sub-activities, and print orders.

This CO2 certificate (ISO 14064/65 standard) together with the ISO environmental certificate (ISO 14001) represents a complete set for achieving and guaranteeing our sustainability goals. We believe in a green future that we can and must achieve, together.

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