Ceramics, just a little different!

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The SmartCup® is an attractive alternative to the ceramic pot. With ceramic being less available at present, we have added the ‘keramiek’ (ceramic) line to our standard range of SmartCups®. Your houseplants in inspirational and temporary ‘pots’ is possible thanks to our now more sustainable SmartCups® P9 and P12.

In the Netherlands, we produce SmartCups® for size 9 and 12 nursery pots with or without a rolled rim exclusively for the botanical market We can apply any design, even in small quantities, and the SmartCup® can be printed on both the inside and outside. The possibilities in terms of prints are almost endless. We offer all possible colors and backgrounds like pewter, ceramic, terracotta, or an image of your product and special care tips. We can also include a printed barcode.

SmartCups® are easy and quick to process, making them perfect for promo themes such as public holidays, Mother’s Day, and Christmas. The attractive presentation makes your product stand out in-store. The high-quality cardboard is 100% recyclable and can therefore be disposed of with paper waste. This makes the waterproof SmartCup® an attractive and sustainable alternative to ceramic.

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