Calculation of CO2 footprint

 In Elburg-Smit, Sustainability

Becoming more sustainable means taking active action to achieve more sustainable production and reductions in CO2 emissions. We are pleased to inform you that we have taken another step towards a greener future. The newest part of our Sustainability & CO2 reduction plan is the option to calculate the CO2 emissions per produced label or packaging. In addition, we offer the option to entirely compensate for this. For this purpose, we work with ClimateCalc’s certified system. This is a European system, specifically developed for the graphic design sector and the software to calculate the CO2 emissions of both our graphics design company and of an individual printing order.

Calculating the CO2 emissions of a specific product is simple and offers a differentiating factor to our customers that they can use to clearly communicate demonstrably more sustainable choices. We increasingly see that large market players also request a calculation of CO2 emissions for botanical products in their entirety. Clarity on both CO2 emissions and packaging or labelling is an essential aspect of such communications.

In achieving and guaranteeing our sustainability goals, the CO2 certificate (ISO 14064/65 standard) represents a great supplement to the ISO environmental certificate (ISO 14001) previously awarded to us. We believe in a green future that we can and must achieve, together.

If you would like to know what the CO2 footprint of your label or packaging is, please contact Richard Snik by sending an e-mail to

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