Caladium Colours

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The caladium is a colourful pearl in any home and comes in countless varieties –from pink to green, and from white with pink spots to dark green with pink speckles. This extraordinary houseplant with beautiful patterns will soon become the eye-catcher in Smit Kwekerijen range. Caladiums grow a little differently than other plants, as they have a very distinct cycle.

The caladium is a bulbous plant and grows under the ground. Once potted, the first stems start to appear after a few weeks. Taking good care of it every week gives it the energy it needs to grow. When the plant has fully blossomed, you will be able to enjoy and admire its beautiful, colourful leaves. In the winter, the caladium goes dormant and the foliage dies back. Once the weather starts to warm up again in the spring, the caladium grows back to life.

Especially for this beautiful plant, we have developed the Continuous Caladium Colours Growth label pack. The colourful and illustrated circles on the labels indicate its distinctive cycle.

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