5.5cm potcovers for succulents

 In Elburg-Smit, Products

We had the opportunity to produce practical and eye-catching 5.5cm potcovers ‘Desert’ succulents mixes for Arco Lock Potplanten. Arco Lock Potplanten, based in ‘s-Gravenzande in the Netherlands, supplies a varied range of succulents. The 5.5cm pot size is part of their extensive selection of different succulent species.

Its practical shape and high back prevent damage to the succulents. And despite its small size, it can accommodate the whole range of critical data on the plant, including the plant passport, care tips, the botanical name, an image, and the price.

Gorgeous plants deserve high-quality material, which is why the pot covers are made of Solidcard: a combination material of cardboard and PE coating. So, alongside being highly moisture-resistant, the pots are 100% recyclable as paper or cardboard waste after use. We also offer the pot covers in Terraboard: an FSC® certified board with a PLA bio-based coating, which is 100% recyclable and compostable.

Pot covers that add value to succulents can only increase sales!

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