20th anniversary Sundaville®

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Sundaville® is glad that they accomplish this milestone this year: a 20th anniversary is not something you achieve overnight! Sundaville® is one of the power brands of breeder MNP / Suntory as well as one of the most loved plants by suppliers and customers at this moment. The breeder, propagators, and growers across all of Europe have embraced Mandevilla and ensured that consumers are surprised by it in many forms of application and pot sizes. Sundaville® has developed so much in the past 20 years. Not only in terms of genetics, but also in terms of branding & marketing.

They enjoyed celebrating this important achievement with all their partners and relations from the entire supply chain during the FlowerTrials 2022. Last June they had the opportunity to host a little party to spend some nice moments together and thank all their partners.

Building a brand like Sundaville®, with the largest collection in Mandevilla, takes a lot of energy, passion, and cooperation. They find all these characteristics in working together with Elburg-Smit. Thanks to the active and continuous concepts made together, Sundaville® is more recognizable on store floors, making consumers choose the brand more and more, specifically by its good looks and brand name. We would like to achieve that goal in the coming years. To do that we made beautiful BIO FSC®-certified cardboard ‘In Store’ Total Concept for the promotion of small pots for exporters and garden centers. Together we designed a plant tray, over-pots, and a promotional design of a CC-trolley in three different colors (red, pink, and green).

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