Upclimbers by Hoogeveen Plants

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When Hoogeveen Plants asked us to develop new labels and P.O.S. materials for their more upmarket range of climbing plants, we were given creative freedom together with a number of requirements that the concept must fulfil. For instance, the labels and P.O.S materials had to send a clear message to the consumer that these high-climbing plants are of exceptional quality. Another requirement was to make it easy for the consumer to select their product and this was achieved by including information indicating the best planting positions in the garden. For example against a wall, fence or over a pergola and in sun or shade. The fresh new-look labels, posters and banners, together with the white pots and trellises, ensured that consumers’ eyes were quickly drawn to the plant display. If you would like to find out more about this concept, please visit Hoogeveen Plants’ website.

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