Quality and Environment come first

 In Elburg-Smit, Sustainability

We have recently been awarded the ISO 14001 certificate for environmental management. In addition to being certified to ISO 9001-2015 for quality management, we are delighted that we are now officially certified to the ISO 14001-2015 environmental standard. These certifications demonstrate that Elburg-Smit not only has a good integral quality management system for its processes but that it also focuses on a sustainable living and working environment.

Naturally, we also have internal improvements and ambitions in the pipeline. Together with all the employees at Elburg-Smit, we work hard each day to ensure the quality of our work processes and to make them more sustainable! Our aim is to continue innovating so that we can offer our customers appropriate and sustainable solutions.

As a sustainable creative partner for botanical labels and packaging, obtaining the ISO certificate is an important step for us that provides a solid foundation for growth and continuity in the future.

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