Point of Sale, Elburg-Smit takes care of everything

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Does your product stand out enough on the shelves of garden centers and/or supermarkets? We can take care of your design and production needs. Attractive displays with, for example, SmartClicks and SmartCups®, combined with Point Of Sale material for Danish trolleys, create eye-catching presentations. All on FSC-certified cardboard. When ordering your labels, packaging, or SmartCups®, don’t forget to think about the overall presentation! Not only will this put your product in the spotlight, but you can also promote your company or brand, or for example present a new botanical product, in a personal way. You can even use it to share the unique story behind your product with your customers. An excellent presentation tool for both small and large orders.

The Conscious display is just one example of what our designers have created in response to the trend. Inspired or interested in these designs? Then get in touch with your account manager.

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