New brand style for Grandiol!

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Commissioned by Lidl, we restyled the labels of the private-label brand ‘Grandiol’ into practical labels. A tricolour system – ‘outdoor’, ‘indoor’, or both ‘outdoor/indoor’ – immediately shows Lidl shoppers what the plant is suitable for. With plant care icons on the front, the label is fresh and informative in one.

Only the essential information is displayed on the front of the label, with modern and fresh close-up photography, a clean and flat logo change, and a contemporary font. The design connects the Grandiol logo to the arc of the colourful field, enhancing the private label’s look and feel. All labels and packaging for outdoor plants are in cool blue. The houseplant labels and/or packaging represent the warm orange colour. The labels and packaging for indoor and outdoor plants are bright pink. The three colours for the three collections are fixed, regardless of the colour of the plant and flower. Lidl is happy with the end result: a sleek and contemporary design with clear typography.

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