Griffioen Wassenaar, a total concept

 In Elburg-Smit, Products

The Griffioen range is being presented as part of a revamped, consumer-focused total concept. The ‘HelloGarden’ collection is divided into four distinct themes: ‘Mix & Match’, ‘Special Species’, ‘Natural Herbs’, and – new for 2021 – ‘Wild & Indigenous’. Each theme features different species and has its own story and color scheme.

The plants in each theme come in pots of the same color, which creates a sense of calm and clarity on the shop floor. The newly designed labels, price tags, free-standing advertising boards, and tarpaulins to accompany the new collections collectively form a complete package. This way, customers can easily search for plants by scent, color, or plants that attract insects.

We have worked closely with Griffioen to develop these eye-catching displays; from concept and design to production and logistics.

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