Beedance® Moerheim 1st prize

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At the IPM 2015 Moerheim New Plant was awarded a first prize for their Bidens hybrid Beedance® Painted Red. This exquisite Bidens variety, resplendent with red petals and a yellow centre, was presented in an eye-catching SmartCup® and showcased in a splendid display unit which enhanced the unique appeal of this new plant. The beehive-shaped label, sporting a happy, dancing bee completed the concept. Our contribution, the presentation and production of the SmartCup®, the label, and the display unit, added value and ensured that this original concept will attract maximum attention at the point of sale. If you would like to benefit from the added value that SmartCups® could bring to your product range, just contact your account manager. Click here for more information about Moerheim New Plant.

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