At Elburg-Smit, we are constantly striving for innovation to reduce our environmental impact. We proudly introduce AgriCard, a sustainable alternative for packaging materials, including our SmartCups®. AgriCard, made from 100% agricultural waste such as stems and leaves left after harvest, transforms agricultural residue into a valuable and fully circular product.

Why Choose AgriCard:

  • CO2 Neutral: Minimizes environmental impact during production.
  • Compostable: Both home and industrial compostable, breaks down within three months.
  • Recyclable: Easily recyclable with regular paper waste.
  • Durable and Sturdy: Water and moisture resistant, perfect for various applications, including our SmartCups®.
  • Natural Appearance: The material has a natural light brown color that highlights its eco-friendly character.

By choosing AgriCard, you are not only opting for a visually appealing product. AgriCard demonstrates that sustainability and quality can go hand in hand without compromise.


From Material to Product

For Hoogeveen Plants from Hazerswoude-Dorp, a distinctive offering is not just a matter of plants and presentation. Sustainability is also becoming increasingly important. A notable addition to their product range is the AgriCard SmartCup® in the Joe Bio line. The AgriCard SmartCups® in which the fruit shrubs are presented in retail are made from agricultural waste and are fully home compostable. In fact, the shrubs can be planted with the SmartCup and all.

In collaboration with Bob Hoogerdijk, Elburg-Smit developed this innovative packaging and brought it to the market as a first.


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